Intergenerational Project

The proposed Logan Intergenerational Facility is a unique conceptual idea that will integrate several community facilities into one structure. The basic elements of this facility would include a new 36-bed nursing home facility based on the modern “Green House Project” design, a new Pre-k through 4th grade elementary school, a new 1200-seat gymnasium with associated locker room complex (which would also serve as a community storm shelter holding up to 450 people), a weight room and wellness facility which would be open and available to the public, a community room and gathering place, and a small theater room holding up to approximately 50 patrons. The new Intergenerational Center would be located north of the existing high school building, and would be connected to the existing high school via a climate-controlled indoor corridor. All elements of the facility would be interconnected allowing residents from the nursing home to visit and participate in the pre-school through 4th grade classrooms, attend ballgames or practices, etc. The current plan also includes upgrades to the existing high school cafeteria so that the school and nursing home could share food preparation and dietary staff. The current budget for this project also contemplates resurfacing and improving the existing parking lot located on the west side of the school, and adding an additional parking lot adjacent to the football field.

Gym Entrance
Front Porch of Greenhouse
Gym Entrance at Dusk

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